Example: Add custom styles to the highlighted elements

By default, the Search plugin adds the CSS class rpv-search-text-highlight to each highlighted element when users search for given keyword.

You can add more styles to that CSS class:

.rpv-search-text-highlight {
    outline: 1px dashed blue;

There is another way which uses the onHighlightKeyword callback. The callback will be invoked after a given keyword is highlighted. It is a function that takes an OnHighlightKeyword parameter.

OnHighlightKeyword provides the following properties:

highlightEleHTMLElementThe highlighted element2.4.0
keywordRegExpThe current keyword2.4.0

The following sample code adds an outline and changes the background color of the highlighted element:

import { searchPlugin, OnHighlightKeyword } from '@react-pdf-viewer/search';

const searchPluginInstance = searchPlugin({
    onHighlightKeyword: (props: OnHighlightKeyword) => {
        props.highlightEle.style.outline = '1px dashed blue';
        props.highlightEle.style.backgroundColor = 'rgba(0, 0, 0, .1)';

If you are using the Default Layout plugin, then the onHighlightKeyword option can be used as below:

import { defaultLayoutPlugin } from '@react-pdf-viewer/default-layout';
import { OnHighlightKeyword } from '@react-pdf-viewer/search';

const defaultLayoutPluginInstance = defaultLayoutPlugin({
    toolbarPlugin: {
        searchPlugin: {
            onHighlightKeyword: (props: OnHighlightKeyword) => {
                // ...

Scroll to see how the document words are added custom styles (The sample code)

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