Customize the name of download file

By default, the name of download file provided by the Get File plugin is determined by the `name` properties of `OpenFile`. It is the file URL that you pass to the `Viewer` component.
However, we can customize it by passing the `fileNameGenerator` option to the `getFilePlugin` function.
The option is a function accepts the current opened file and returns a `string`:
(file: OpenFile) => string;
For example, the sample code below adds a prefix of `a-copy-of-` to the original file name:
import { OpenFile } from '@react-pdf-viewer/core';
const getFilePluginInstance = getFilePlugin({
fileNameGenerator: (file: OpenFile) => {
// `` is the URL of opened file
const fileName ='/') + 1);
return `a-copy-of-${fileName}`;
Click the Download button at the top to download the file (The sample code)

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