Set the initial tab based on the document's page mode

The default layout includes a sidebar which consists of three tabs shown in the following order, from the top to bottom:
By default, those tabs are hidden. However, according to the PDF specification, a specific tab should be opened based on the document's page mode.
The page mode of a document can be one of the following values:
`UseOutlines`The bookmarks should be visible
`UseThumbs`The thumbnails should be visible
`FullScreen`Should be in the full screen mode
`UseOC`Optional content group should be visible
`UseAttachments`The attachments tab should be visible
`UseNone`The bookmarks and thumbnails tabs should not be visible
The default value of page mode is `UseNone`.
Despite the fact that the Viewer component and many PDF reader applications don't follow this specification by default, it is possible for you to enable that behavior.
import { defaultLayoutPlugin, setInitialTabFromPageMode } from '@react-pdf-viewer/default-layout';
const defaultLayoutPluginInstance = defaultLayoutPlugin({
setInitialTab: setInitialTabFromPageMode,
Check this example to see more information of the `setInitialTab` option
The `setInitialTabFromPageMode` function takes the current PDF document and returns a Promise which resolves the zero-based index of the tab corresponding to the document page mode.

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