Highlight multiple keywords initially

You can pass an array of keywords that will be highlighted initially via the `keyword` option provided by the Search plugin.
It can be a single or an array of keywords. Each keyword can be a `string`, `RegExp` or `FlagKeyword`. The `FlagKeyword` type determines if we want to match the case or find the whole word:
interface FlagKeyword {
keyword: string;
matchCase?: boolean; // `false` by default
wholeWords?: boolean; // `false` by default
The following example highlights all document and PDF found in all pages:
import { searchPlugin } from '@react-pdf-viewer/search';
const searchPluginInstance = searchPlugin({
keyword: ['document', 'PDF'],
If you want the results to match the case or the whole words, then use the `matchCase` and `wholeWords` option. The sample code below only highlights `PDF` and ignore `pdf`:
const searchPluginInstance = searchPlugin({
keyword: [
keyword: 'PDF',
matchCase: true,

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